Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Glossary of Terms

I will be editing this post as needed to add explain new phrases. Please post any requests for additions to the comments of this post. Organized by alphabetically by Hebrew spelling.

  • Achishenah - Literally "I will hasten it", refers to a word in Yeshayahu 60:22 - The small one will be for a thousand, and the lad will be a mighty nation, I am Hashem, in its time I will hasten it.
  • B'Itah - Literally "In its time", refers to a word in Yeshayahu 60:22 - The small one will be for a thousand, and the lad will be a mighty nation, I am Hashem, in its time I will hasten it.
  • Birkat HaChamah - The Jewish Solar Calendar according to Shmuel has 365.25 years (Eiruvin 56a), and according to tradition, the Sun was created Tuesday night, at the first moment of the beginning of the Fourth Day (Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer). If you do the math, it returns to this point in the week once in 28 years (Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer and Brachot 59b). Every 28 years, the morning after this occurance, we recite a blessing "Blessed is the One that Did the act of Creation". Next date is 14th of Nissan 5769 (April 8th, 2009)
  • Doresh L'Tzion - Part of a 3 book set called Torat HaGeulah. Contains Mosad HaYesod and Chazon Tzion, which are about the history of the Old Ashkenazi Yishuv, as well as this book, which is mainly drashot from the Old Yishuv. The drashot are by descendents of Rav Hillel, author of the material that became Kol HaTor.
  • Geulah - The Redemption of the nation of Israel
  • GR"A - The Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu, a.k.a. the Vilna Gaon
  • Maamar HaGeulah - Written by the Ramchal, explains the spiritual side of of the process of Galus and Geulah.
  • Keitz - A term meaning the End, usually in the context of leading in to a new beginning. In our context, this is referring to the appointed time of the Geulah
  • Keitz Mechuseh - Refers to the absolute latest time for Geulah, which is hidden, and a constant. It is a deadline built in to creation. The "proof" that this fixed time exists comes from the book of Daniel.
  • Keitz Meguleh - Keitz Meguleh translates to "Revealed End", referring to the process that unfolds before our eyes, and influenced by our actions. The supporting verse of this process is in the book of Yehezkel.
  • Kol HaTor - A book published in the 20th century by a few different sources. Controversy surrounds this book, since it relates "nationalist" ideas to the Vilna Gaon. The 1994 edition brings sources throughout Kabbalistic works of the Vilna Gaon, shedding much more light on the books authenticity. It is attributed to Rav Hillel from Shklov, one of the students of the GR"A. The expression Kol HaTor (Voice of the Turtledove) comes from Shir HaShirim 2:12.
  • Klipah - Literally a husk, or a shell. Simply put, the term Klipah refers to negative spiritual forces.
  • Ramcha"l - Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato
  • HaTekufah HaGedolah - A sefer written by Rav Menachem Kasher on Geulah by natural means. As he was completing this sefer, shortly after the Six Day War, the manuscript of Kol HaTor basically "fell" in to his lap, and he published it with minor edits (namely, he removed Sha'ar Be'er Sheva on the GR"A's relationship to science).

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