Saturday, May 13, 2017

Daniel 12 - Math

A post in honor of Lag BaOmer.

I have previously posited the following regarding the prophecy at the end of Daniel 12:
  1. The 1290 days and 1335 days are years
  2. The starting period for the 1290 days is 18 years before the destruction of the First Beit haMikdash, making the end of the 1290 days, the giving of the Desolate Abomination, as the year 4447, and the 1335 days would end a few years from now.
But let us look at these numbers.  I checked for their greatest common denominator. It is 15.

(1290 + 1335) / 15 = 175

1290 / 15 = 86

1335 / 15 = 89

The number 175 shows up in Breishit as the age of Avraham Avinu when he passed away. (Breishit 25:7)

The number 86 shows up in Breishit as the age of Avraham Avinu when Yishmael was born. (Breishit 16:16)

When Avraham Avinu was 86, Yishmael came in to this world.

When Avraham Avinu passed away, we see Breishit 25:9

ויקברו אתו יצחק וישמעאל בניו אל-מערת המכפלה אל-שדה עפרן בן-צחר החתי אשר על-פני ממרא

See Rashi there:

יצחק וישמעאלמכאן שעשה ישמעאל תשובה והוליך את יצחק לפניו (בבא בתרא טז ע"ב)...

This reminds me of another post I wrote.