Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paths to Geulah

Translation of Kol HaTor end of chapter 4

"For everything there is a time, and an appointed time for every desire" - According to Rabbeinu (meaning the GR"A), the time and the appointed time come according to the desire, and that is the meaning of "for every desire". In Chaza"l we see 4 different versions of the way Geulah will come.

  1. If Israel does Teshuvah, they are redeemed, and if not, they are not redeemed.
  2. And if they don't do Teshuvah, Hashem puts upon them a king who's laws are harsher than Haman and then they do Teshuvah.
  3. The Geulah will come with a "Beginning" (Atchalta) by way of a Return to Tzion and even in the beginning just one from a city and two from a family according to the opinion of Rabbi Yehoshua, and this is the secret of the Revealed End (Keitz Meguleh).
  4. The Geulah will in any event be "in its time" (b'itah) and that is the "Concealed End" (Keitz Mechuseh)

However we should think in advance that all of these opinions are the words of the Living G-d, and therefore Rabbeinu said that we need to go ahead and choose the path which is in our hands, path 3 (the Keitz Meguleh). And by us fulfilling this path there will not be any need for the warnings of Chaza"l about difficult laws, etc, and this will cause General Teshuvah, so there will be no need for Hashem to put a king upon us whose laws are harsher than Haman, and the Revealed End (Keitz Meguleh) will bring forward the Final Redemption (Keitz HaGeulah).

(note - for more discussion on the sugya in the Gemara, see Doresh L'Tzion, page 282)

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