Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shiur Yemot HaMoshiach

It appears that my prior post, based on my intellectual curiousity of the numbers brought at the beginning of Parshat Tazria, contains a deep sod. It contains within it the number of years called "Gadlut Beit".

Gadlut Beit is a Kabbalistic term, but the Ramchal brings it down to simple terms that it covers 2 time periods:

  1. Matan Torah
  2. Yemot HaMoshiach

We start at 1050 (21 * 50) years.

The years of the first two Batei Mikdash:

410 + 420 = 830, but Bayit Sheini, according to 1 opinion, stood 421 years.

So 831 years.

1050 - 831 = 219

But Matan Torah counts as a year. So that makes 218.

And we should really start at 6001, since the implication of Tazria is 6000 years for mankind to repair these 1050 years, and Adam HaRishon was born in year 2.

So 6001 - 218 = 5783.

So 5783 to the end of the 6th millenium is Yemot HaMoshiach, per this sod and the definition provided by the Ramchal.

So too this is the sod of what the GR"A wrote in chapter 1 of his commentary on Sifra DiTzniuta that the Shiur (length) of Yemot HaMoshiach is the Shiur of Ateret HaYesod.

Background: Yesod is divided in to 3 equal parts (See Etz Chaim). The first 2 are called Yesod, and the last 3rd is called Ateret HaYesod.

The Pshat from the GR"A seems to be that Yemot HaMoshiach will be (if we do not merit earlier, i.e. B'Itah) in the last third of the 6th millenium, i.e. 5666.66-6000. One could explain (as I had thought) that the GR"A was simply stating that the Keitz B'Itah would not be before the year 5666. But rather the GR"A was referring to the exact beginning of Yemot HaMoshiach, 2/3 the way through the Steps of Moshiach, which is the same year.


  1. יברכך השם וישמרך ויאריך ימיך

  2. ואנו תפלה שנזכה להביא אור חכמתו לעולם לשם קדוש שמו הגדול, ונזכה לראות בימינו יחודו בעולם.

    תתברך מן השמים