Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Choice

As I discussed in the previous post, we are interested in what *we* can do in order to reach the ultimate Completeness of the Geulah. But at first there is a seeming contradiction. I quoted before that the Geulah can be caused by our return to Tzion as well as us doing Teshuvah wherever we are. So obviously there are two different ways that we can choose. Right? Well, it isn't that simple.

The GR"A states in Even Shleimah that every generation has its own Keitz according to the Midah that is in control during that generation. This basically means that every generation is judged differently and as such, the level of Teshuvah required is different in each generation.

So if we all rely on influencing others to do Teshuvah (by itself, in the "dalet amot" sense, personal halachah only) in Chutz La'Aretz while ignoring the Keitz Meguleh, there is a chance that we will not reach the bar set for this generation. As such we could possibly be not only not meriting the Complete Geulah, but also we have not put forth effort to improve our situation as the End approaches us.

On the other hand, the idea of working with the Keitz Meguleh is to qualitatively improve the road to Geulah.

We have faithful promises transmitted to us by the Prophets of what will be in the End of the Geulah, namely: Ingathering of the Exiles to the Land of Israel, Re-establishment of the Sanhedrin, the building of the Third and Eternal Beit HaMikdash, the revelation of Moshiach ben Dovid. The question is how we will get there.

One thing we must understand is that these promises of Geulah are from Hashem, and as such, they are written in to the very fabric of Creation. One way or another, the aforementioned events will occur.

We see both possibilities in the Prophets. It is written in Yeshayahu 54:7 "With great mercy I will gather you", yet it says in Yoel 3:4 that a Tzion and Yerushalayim will be a refuge (implying that we must escape Galut). The GR"A knew that we must come home out of desire, for if we don't, it will be as refuge (G-d forbid). This worried him greatly, and was one of the reasons that he spoke so passionately to his students to make Aliyah.

G-d willing, I will discuss in the near future just what the vision of the Keitz Meguleh entails.

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