Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Purpose Of It All

The following is a summary/translation of parts of Chapter 5, part 2, of Kol HaTor.

In the Haftarah for Shoftim we have some pesukim dealing with the Geulah.

כי עין בעין יראו בשוב ה' ציון. פצחו רננו יחדו חרבות ירושלים, כי נחם ה' עמו גאל ירושלם. חשף ה' את זרוע קדשו לעיני כל הגוים, וראו כל אפסי ארץ את ישועת אלקינו

  • כי עין בעין יראו בשוב ה' ציון
  • For eye to eye they will see Hashem’s return of Tzion
  • GR”A – i.e. Kibbutz Galuyot
  • פצחו רננו יחדו חרבות ירושלים
  • Be happy and joyful together, ruins of Yerushalayim
  • GR”A – i.e. the building of Yerushalayim

  • כי נחם ה' עמו גאל ירושלם
  • For Hashem has comforted His nation, redeemed Yerushalayim
  • GR”A – i.e. the Redemption of Truth (גאולת האמת), for Yerushalayim is called the City of Truth

  • חשף ה' את זרוע קדשו לעיני כל הגוים
  • Hashem has revealed His Holy Arm to the eyes of the nations
  • GR”A – i.e. Kiddush Hashem

  • וראו כל אפסי ארץ את ישועת אלקינו
  • And all the inhabitants of earth will see the Salvation of our G-d.
  • GR”A – this hints at the victory of Israel in the War of Gog and Magog which is after the First Redemption from the Servitude of the Nations.

We learn from here that a major preparation for our victory in the War of Gog and Magog is the Redemption of Truth for the same of (Sanctification of G-d’s Name (Kiddush Hashem). The GR”A also taught us that as Kibbutz Galuyot increases, the Other Side (S”A) increases in strength more than any time of the Galut. This can be understood, for with the end of the Footsteps of Moshiach (Ikveta DiMeshicha) comes the end of the forces of impurity. The forces of impurity know this, and therefore they come together with all their strength to prevent this from happening.

We are leaving the Galut of Edom. It says of Edom that “Esav hates Yaakov”. It also says in the Navi that “You will give truth to Yaakov”; Yaakov represents Truth and Esav hates Yaakov.

All forces of impurity (Tumah) get their energy from Kedushah, and as such we understand the struggle over Yerushalayim. It is not a coincidence that Yerushalayim is such a controversial subject, beyond logic. (Why is a child born in Hadassah Ein Kerem not allowed to have the country of Israel printed on an American passport? No one has claimed that the western side of Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs, afterall, right?)

The implications of what is written here should not be underestimated. The connection between the rise of negative forces and the advancement of Kibbutz Galuyot is very purposeful. This plays through to settling different parts of Eretz Yisrael as well. Please take these words to heart.

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