Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Because He Can

Today, in the USA, the Israeli Prime Minister has announced intentions that mean no less than the division of Eretz Yisrael in general as well as Jerusalem in particular. One item that particularly irked Jews of Galus is brought here:


Olmert is highlighting what I have said before. The support of the Jews of Galus is needed, but it can only truly make a difference here. Not because of halachah, not because of ideology, but because it is the common rule amongst the Jews: numbers. Even if you show Olmert 5 million Jews in the USA that oppose these concessions, he will not listen to them. Why? Because he doesn't have to. He can do what he wants, because here, "we" are not a clear majority. We are an arguable majority. We have polls showing this that and the other, but when it comes down to election day, we do not have a clear voice. And so it continues.

Hashem Yerachem.

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