Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Erev Rav - The Connector

The Ramchal writes in the sefer Kin'at Hashem Tz'va'ot the following short statement:

For the nations themselves are on the outside, and they attach themselves to Israel through the Erev Rav...

This clarifies further what I wrote here and here.

From this we see why the Erev Rav is the Center of the Klipah. The Klipah attaches itself to Am Yisrael. The Klipah feeds on Kedushah. The conduit for the Klipah of the Left and Right to attach to Am Yisrael is through the Erev Rav. When the Erev Rav no longer provides this link to Kedushah, the conflict begins.

This is the reality we live in. The State of Israel is considered a close ally of the USA. This stems from their common source on the Left. The leadership here in Eretz Yisrael enables both the sons of Esav and Yishmael to have a say over the affairs of Am Yisrael, where no such say is due to them. The leadership in Eretz Yisrael, even by partial obedience, enables Esav and Yishmael to maintain their profitable relationship. When will this situation end? It will end when the time of the Erev Rav of the Left ends. That is when the goals of Moshiach ben Yosef are no longer considered to be a threat to national security.

From that point, it is no longer the partnership of the Internal and External Klipah of the Left, partners against Moshiach ben Yosef.

It is the side of Kedushah against the Klipah, Moshiach ben Yosef will return the "war to the gates."

That is the conflict.


  1. Yishar Koach. It is fascinating. As a true Klipah, the Erev Rav's efforts are to protect us against conflict with the West. But that conflict must necessarily escalate. We know it from the prophets, and we can now see how it will be. Israel is existentially threatened by a problem that is not solvable within the system of values that Edom adopted after the holocaust and wishes to impose on Israel.

    The Erev Rav did delay the escalation, but lately their actions have come to promote the conflict rather than contain it. That is because their time is up.

  2. This makes the following year dangerous, for the Klipah realizes its end is near.

  3. Wouldn't the Neuteri Karta going over to Yishmael (achmanijad) constitute the klipa of the erev ze'ir (right) as a conduit? I would think Moshiach Ben David break them. But I wouldn't think the Erev Ze'ir is influential enough to conflict with the right klipa / Yishmael

  4. The height of power did not come yet for the Erev Ze'ir. When the Erev Rav will understand that they cannot stop the process of redemption, they will join it, become religious, and try to distort Judaism. This has already started. Naturei Karta shows how crazy things can get, and how big the Chutspa can become. The Erev Rav of the right will propose profound changes in Jewish theology. Also this has started already - see what happens in Chabad - but the Chutspa will increase beyond belief. The Erev Ze'ir will have magic influence on people. They can kill Moshiach ben Yosef. It is not just a risk, but also a great opportunity. If we succeed to stop their ascent to power, and save Moshiach ben Yosef, we can still achieve a great measure of "Achishena" in the process of redemption. And save millions.

  5. Moshe,

    Shall I elaborate on Minchah Gedolah/Ketanah?

  6. It is your blog, but I think it would fit.

  7. "When the Erev Rav will understand that they cannot stop the process of redemption, they will join it, become religious, and try to distort Judaism. This has already started."

    Would this include also "modern Orthodox" rabbinic ordination of women, the new "Universal Torah" of Judeo-Xianity, and the teaching that Rambam's Thirteen Principles are not necessarily incumbent upon the "observant" Jew?

  8. Devash, I believe those mixtures of Judaism with outside sources are a tendency to the left, not the right. Just contemplate which of the 2 extremes they get along best with: Secular or Chareidi.