Monday, March 17, 2008

Text of the GR"A on Tikkunei Zohar

For anyone interested, here's the text of the GR"A on Tikkunei Zohar that is referenced in the previous post.

כלומר שחושב עשרים שנה קודם החורבן דס"ל דעשרים שנה קודם החורבן בטל התמיד והוי ליה משבטל התמיד אלף מאתים ותשעים כמ"ש ומעת הוסר התמיד כו'

That is to say that he calculates from 20 years before the Churban, that he thinks that 20 years before the Churban the Tamid ceased, and therefore from the time of the cessation of the Tamid 1290, as it is written "and from the time of the removal of the Tamid"

I don't have the footnote text handy, hopefully I'll post that as well soon.

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