Monday, April 14, 2008

Chipazon - Haste

דברים טז:ב - וזבחת פסח לה' אלקיך, צאן ובקר, במקום אשר יבחר ה', לשכן שמו שם.

דברים טז:ג - לא תאכל עליו חמץ, שבעת ימים תאכל עליו מצות לחם עני, כי בחפזון יצאת מארץ מצרים, למען תזכר את יום צאתך מארץ מצרים כל ימי חייך

Devarim 16:2 - And you shall offer the Passover to Hashem your G-d, from the flock and herd, in the place that Hashem will choose to dwell His Name there.

Devarim 16:3 - And you shall not on it Chametz, 7 days you shall eat upon it Matzot, bread of the poor, for with haste you went out of the land of Mitzraim, so that you shall remember the day of your going out of the land of Mitzraim all the days of your life.

In Yeshayahu, we find a contrast between Yetziat Mitzraim and the final Geulah:

ישעיהו נב:יב - כי לא בחפזון תצאו, ובמנוסה תלכון, כי הלך לפניכם ה', ומאספכם אלקי ישראל

Yeshayahu 52:12 - For not in haste will you go out, and not in flight will you go, for Hashem goes before you, and the G-d of Israel is your gatherer.

The Geulah from Mitzraim stemmed from a certain need to escape immediately. We soon would have reached a point of no return, the 50th Gate of Tum'ah. So Hashem in His infinite mercy, took us out of Mitzraim all at once.

The Final Geulah, however, is based on the Keitz Meguleh, which has levels, steps.

For the Final Geulah, we know that if it were to occur all at once, there would be a tremendous amount of harsh judgement if we were not to be worthy, therefore the long Steps of Moshiach are in fact a Chesed.

The question, however, is why Yetziat Mitzraim took place so quickly.

There are possible explanations for this. In preparation for Pesach, we should consider these differences in circumstance, between then, with Chipazon Mitzraim, and our situation today.

חג כשר ושמח


  1. The exodus from egypt is generally described as a revelation from above not provoked by a full refinement of those below , hence we had to leave quickly lest we succumb to the tumah of egypt, described as the Jewish people having descended to the 49th level of tumah in egypt (hence the sefira of 49 days arising from this depth) .This is hinted in Hagada by saying if Hashem would not have taken us out we would still be enslaved to Paroh. However the Geula asida will come in the merit of our refinement and although there will be the greatest revelations from above , due to our service in our long exile we will have and have refined ourselves and the world to the point that we are vessels for the great revelations in our own right. Essentially we will not be escaping exile , like we escaped eqgypt , we will have elevated exile , and that is why it will be a Geula without haste and without any further possible golus.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    I had been thinking about another angle. Rashi on the pasuk in Devarim mentions the argument in the Gemara. Is Chipazon Am Yisrael's or Mitzraim? Rashi brings the opinion that it is Mitzraim. The Chipazon is that they wanted to get rid of us, fulfilling the first pasuk of the 6th perek of Shemot. We davka didn't go out in Chipazon, we left with a Yad Ramah the next day.

    So we are left to metareitz why the Matzah didn't have time to arrive if it wasn't our Chipazon.

    Anyway, if Chipazon belongs to the Goyim, that means that this Galus could possibly mean that we won't get kicked out of Galus. This can be interpreted positively and negatively. May it only be positive.

  3. And per the Ramchal, there is no complete elevation of Galus. There is only removing the Tumah, but it never gains Kedushah.

    We are in the steps of the "Keitz of HaKadosh Baruch Hu" (See Tikkunim MiZohar Chadash) which is "not dependent on the merit of man". Had we merited already, we would be completely out of Galus long ago. As it stands, our zechuyot stand to improve the situation. May they increase without bounds.

  4. i think a clearer definition of Geula is in order. Not just the outward manifestations, such as Kibbutz Golius , 3rd Bais Hamikdosh etc. But the actual state of being/revelation that will be the wavelength of reality.

  5. The general principle is Left before Right, first the Geulah is according to Midat HaDin, and then Midat HaChesed.

    Left and Right also extends to what you speak of. Physical Geulah comes before Spiritual Geulah. The Spiritual Geulah will become much more tangible at the time of the Zechirah.

  6. In Mitzraim there were steps to the Geulah.

    The beginning of the plagues, end of the slavery, Yetziat Mitzraim, Kriat Yam Suf, Matan Torah, Knisah La'aretz, Binyan HaBayit.

    Nonetheless, Pesach, and Shavuot, for the matter, stress a very small time period for the Geulah, less than 1 calendar year. That is a level of Chipazon.

    We don't have that. The Geulah started decades ago and there is still what to go. We do not wait for the very end before saying thanks to Hashem. The Zohar defines the Geulah as made up of 4 separate Geulot.