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For Everything There Is a Time

Translation from pages 113-114 of Kol HaTor chapter 5 part 1
For everything there is a time and a season for every desire, hiddin hints in the ways of the Atchalta in the secret of Tzafnat Pa'aneach, End times of the Moadim in the secret of "עת הזמיר" and "עת לחננה", within the 7 Pekidot from the 1st hour of the light of morning for the 6th millenium in the period of the End of Days in the Final Generation until the Final Keitz, the Keitz of Wonders of Daniel 9.
עת הזמיר הגיע, this time comes in 7 Pekidot of the Atchalta, and each Pekidah has 7 levels, and every level has 7 sub-levels. The first Pekidah began at the beginning of the light of morning of the 6th century (500) of the 6th millenium, and in it (the Pekidah) came the great role of the GR"A in the pasuk אבן שלמה וצדק (Parshat Ki Tetzei) in which he saw his name and his role. For immediately after that is the destruction of Amalek and after that is "for you will come to the land" at the beginning of the 7th century in the 6th millenium. That is the beginning of the year 5601, that from that point begins the revelation of messiahship in the secret of upper wisdom, and together with it the lower wisdom that comes in the Awakening from Below together with the development of the wisdom of the sciences that comes in a natural way according to what is brought in the Holy Zohar parshat Vayera (117) that at 600 years to the 6th millenium the gates of upper wisdom will open and the wellsprings of lower wisdom, etc. And from this year, that is 5600, and onwards, Kol HaTor begins in the light of the GR"A which continues through the day. And this matter is hinted at in the secret of the letter of the GR"A which is closed with his order not to open it until 100 years (after his death), i.e. the year of עת לחננה לפ"ק.
From the beginning of our arrival, the students of the GR"A, to Eretz Yisrael in the year 5569 (אפרים בכורי לפ"ק), the first actual Atchalta began of Ayelet HaShachar of Chaza"l, and the Atchalta of עת לחננה in the role of the first Moshiach, the Moshiach of the Atchalta, Moshiach ben Yosef in the role of Ezra and Nechemiah like in the days of Koresh in the days of Bayit Sheini, which is the meaning of what the GR"A spoke about much in his holy writings on the Torah of Kabbalah, and in the role of the GR"A which is the light of Moshiach ben Yosef on the level of טוב. And when we set our dwelling in the Holy City of Yerushalayim (may it speedily be rebuilt) in the year 5572 "מעונתו" בציון לפ"ק, the beginning of the 3rd Pekidah of the Atchalta of עת הזמיר in the secret of Kol HaTor. And in one of the days in that year, 5572, in which they laid the foundation for the Beit Midrash Eliyahu, in the name of the GR"A. Together with the preparations for this important act of building Yerushalayim, it appeared to us, the students of the GR"A, in lightened ways, that at that hour, the first window opened up in the iron divider, to join the merit of Brit Avot (the Chibur which is Yesod of Tiferet by way of Malchut), which was stopped since the time of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash. And that day was the "יום העשרים בעמר" (the 20th day of the Omer) which is Yesod of Tiferet as is known to those that know Kabbalah.
The note at the bottom brings from Midrash Shlomo that יום העשרים בעמר is equal to 999 in Gematria.
The 20th day of the Omer, 5708, is the date that the State of Israel was declared.

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