Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Ma'apilim - Context

One thing interesting to note regarding the parshah of the Ma'apilim is what surrounds it.

  • We start with the Meraglim
  • Hashem sentences us to 40 years in the desert
  • The Maapilim go up against Hashem's command.
  • A parshah on how to bring certain korbanot
  • The mitzvah of Challah - (See Pirkei Avot, search for the word Challah)
  • A parshah on unintentional communal sin, the leadership being led astray and making mistakes
  • A parshah on unintentional and intentional personal sin
  • The story of the sabbath-desecrator and his sentence
  • The mitzvah of Tzitzit

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