Thursday, April 10, 2008

More on Tazria and Yovel

I just think this is interesting, so I am examining it a bit further.

  • For a baby boy, there are 7 days of tumah, and then 33 days of dam tohar, total of 40 days.
  • For a baby girl, there are 14 days of tumah, and then 66 days of dam tohar, a total of 80 days.
  • Grand total 21 days of tumah, 99 days of dam tohar, 120 days total.

Why add them together? Because history also brings perfection to the male and the female sides.

If the 6000 years of history is divided up in to 120 days total, each day is 50 years.

  • 21 * 50 = 1050 years of tumah
  • 99 * 50 = 4950 years of dam tohar

We therefore have 1050 years to "fix", so to speak. This Tikkun is done by the Beit HaMikdash in Yerushalayim.

  • Bayit Rishon stood 410 years.
  • Bayit Sheini stood 420 years.
  • 410 + 420 = 830 years total.
  • 1050 - 830 = 220.

We have 220 years remaining that need to be fixed.

  • 6000 - 220 = 5780

According to 1 opinion (I believe in the Rishonim, see the mefarshim to Rambam Hilchot Shemitah v'Yovel chapter 10), the 2nd Beit HaMikdash stood for 421 years.

  • 6000 - 219 = 5781

But really, Adam HaRishon, who marks the beginning of the Era of Tikkun, was born in year 2, so we should add another year, since we should have 6000 years to make the Tikkun.

  • 6001 - 219 = 5782


  1. Shiru l'hashem shir chadash - lashon zachor davka! (michilta, bhshalach 15:1)

  2. Completely elegant.

    Shabbat shalom,

  3. This post here made me understand 2 sodot:

    The 1050 years is the total of Gadlut of Z"A, Gadlut Aleph and Beit.

    Gadlut Beit includes Matan Torah as well, pushing back the total chishuv to 5783.

    66 and the vav, or 66.6666 is 2/3 of 100, the Shiur of Ateret HaYesod, the Shiur of Yemot HaMoshiach.

    Per the Ramchal, Gadlut Beit = Yemot HaMoshiach.

    Does this make 66 in to 5776 or 5777?

  4. Your understanding is correct. In my understanding 66 is yet 5776, and the fall of Edom two months into 5783.

  5. So there are 3 possible modifications:

    6000 turns to 6001 since Adam is born in year 2.

    220 turns to 219 because Bayit Sheini could be 421 years.

    219 turns to 218 because Matan Torah is included in the time alotted to Gadlut Beit.

    is it 66 and a plag idan or 66 and 2/3? I.e. 66 plus 6 years plus 6 months, etc?

  6. By 2 months in to 5783, you mean to say that the tikkun for 5776 will be during the Omer. Which day?

  7. יציאת מצרים עד הכניסה לארץ
    הכניסה לארץ עד בניין בית ראשון

    What is the הנהגה at that time? I can't find anything specific to say it is גדלות א or יניקה.

    יניקה is 24 months. 2448 to 2928 is 480 years / 24 months = 20 years per month.

  8. It would be 6.5 years after day 37 of the Omer. I wondered about the Shoftim period also, but I think it would be as you suggest, Yenikah.

  9. So the Tikkunim of the Omer have potential days for every year, but only occur in the year of Tikkun.

    It's too bad I haven't been able to find as of yet an explicit reference in the Ramchal.

  10. BTW, since I started looking at this due to a drash you wrote, I must ask:

    Did you know this before (regarding the 1050 years)? And you already understand that GR"A regarding Shiur Yemot HaMoshiach?

  11. Yes, this is how I understand 66. You took it from my hint that the count is to 100? Regarding the 1050, it is your chiddush, which created great joy in my soul. Meaning, I knew it, but you formulated it much better and sharper.

  12. You stated explicitly that it goes to 100, and indeed that is mashma from Zohar 1:119. It was this all put together that made me realize that 66.5 is the 2/3 that the GR"A meant.

    The next question is this:

    How can nevuah come before this year? The Ramchal makes it sound like Nevuah comes with Gadlut Beit davka. Is the nafka minah that individuals will get it first and then it will move on to the klal after the Gadlut period begins?

  13. Eliyahu/Nevuah and Sanhedrin are connected. I am not saying this will be simple. The early prophets may not be recognized as such until things will become clearer.

  14. I made a calculation error: 37 should be 41. For the record.

  15. And for the record, have you given enough hints to make this calculation?

  16. I had to avoid that. I still have to.

  17. Alright, then I will avoid looking for a pattern :)

  18. But the way you phrase that implies that you are aware of a time when it will be mutar to reveal.

  19. And what is the סימן לדבר?

  20. The only year left that I can think of in the (relatively) near future is a year of sweetness that you mentioned.

  21. I don't think there is a contradiction. Prophecy will return in a time of trouble and judgement.

  22. So the earlier year of Din or the one that has all the conditions of Shmuel realized?