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Significant Days in the Omer & Yovel

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In our times, there are a few significant dates* during the Omer period:

  • The 7 days of Pesach
  • The 7th day of the Omer, Isru Chag Pesach
  • The 8th day of the Omer, the beginning of full mourning**
  • The 20th Day of the Omer, Yom HaAtzmaut
  • The 33rd Day of the Omer, Lag Ba'Omer, the revelation of Kabbalah
  • The 43rd Day of the Omer, Yom Yerushalayim

* I haven't listed them all, there is still Rosh Chodesh and Pesach Sheini, but these are less than their full status at this time: Rosh Chodesh during the mourning is diminished in relation to the other Rashei Chodashim, and Pesach Sheini doesn't take place without the Beit HaMikdash.

** There is a machloket as to if there is any significance to Isru Chag after Pesach. See the Rama on Orach Chaim 429:2 and the Mishneh Berurah there for the opinion that one shouldn't fast on Isru Chag.

The 8th Yovel: 3766 - 3816 (6CE - 56CE)

This period brought the beginnings of the religion of Edom.

The 20th Yovel: 4355 - 4404 (595CE - 644CE)

This period brought the beginnings of the religion of Yishmael. This was the end of the "Evening Morning" of Daniel 8, starting the period of Yishmael being repaid for his circumcision. The 2300 days, however, would finish on the 20th of the Omer 5708.

The 33rd Yovel: 4992 - 5041 (1232CE - 1281CE)

This period brought the Zohar to the world, containing the secrets of the Torah. This is the Torah that brings the Geulah.

The 43rd Yovel: 5482 - 5531 (1742CE - 1771CE)

This period saw the beginning of the morning of the 6th Day, per Kol HaTor, when the GR"A started the work towards the building of Yerushalayim.

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