Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zohar Chadash - Mechirat Yosef

Come and see how many years that Tsaddik (Yosef) sat, that he didn't see his father for 22 years. And behold these (years) sat in Mitzraim, 22 years, for every tribe from the 10 tribes that sold him, and according to this calculation, they are 220 years for all of them. Take out of them 10 years, that they took in Din that is Above, because of the 10 holy tribes that perished in Mitzraim, you are left with 210 years. And that is what is written רדו שמה (Go down there. Go down is equal to 210 in Gematria).

Come and see that when the sins caused (punishment) and this Shabbat was not observed as needed, which is written "Don't take out a load from your house on the day of Shabbat" (Yirmiyahu 17). Don't load upon yourselfs a load of sins, that the day of Shabbat was what protected you.

And they didn't listen to the prophet, and the vengeful sword was arroused to avenge the covenant. What is the covenant? That is Shabbat, as it is written "For their generations an eternal covenant" (Shemot 31), and Brit Milah, about which it is written "And holy skin will be passed from upon you (Yirmiyahu 11), and the covenant of the tsaddik, which they sold him.

And it is all in one level: Shabbat, Brit Milah, and Tsaddik. And that is a secret: For 3 sins of Yisrael and (for the) fourth I will not return it (Amos 2), and all were dependent on their sale of a tsaddik for silver. And then they because to subservant to "seven for your sins". And it was decreed upon them 70 years of Galus Bavel, and on the sins of Shmitah and Yovel, which are dependent on the Great Shabbat and the regular Shabbat.

And afterwards they came to the Holy Land, and settled it for 420 years, to make up for the 70 Shmitot and the 70 years are 10 years for every day, from those that suckle from the Seventh, that the Great Shabbat is also called the Seventh from below to above (referring to Binah) Which includes as one Zachor and Shamor. And afterwards they were in 420 years in the land, in the power of the Torah which they toiled in.

And when the sin of Baseless Hatred (Sinat Chinam) caused , the original baseless hatred was aroused. Which is what is written "And they hated him", that very tsaddik. And then HaKadosh Baruch Hu gave them in to the hands of the one that hates them a baseless hatred, which is written of Edom: "Because you have had a hatred of old, and you have thrown the children of Israel by a sword" (Yehezkel 35).

And then it was taken from them, by the count of the years, that they were lacking in the secret of "Seven upon your sins" (Vayikra 26). Come and see, when you count the 22 years 7 times, for all of the 10 that sold him, you have 1540 years.

Their cries did not go up before him. Rebbi Yitzhak said: when HaKadosh Baruch Hu does Din in the upper realm, what is it? Rebbi Elazar said: That he passes it in that river Dinur, and passes them from their control (memshalah), and from that control, other controls of the other nations. He said to him, thus it is written "His servants are a burning fire" (Tehillim 104) He said to him, there is fire that is harsher than fire, and there is fire that extinguishes fire.

(That is the end of the Maamar from the Zohar Chadash, there is another similar, but longer maamar in Sitrei Torah there. Hopefully I'll be able to type that in as well.)

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