Thursday, June 19, 2008

2503 Parallels

If we take the theory I presented regarding 2503 years to its conclusion, then let us try to apply it in a micro-scale to the compare the end of the original 2503 years with the end of the 2503 years of Galut.*

* I say Galut, but as mentioned before, I mean time without the Beit HaMikdash since Yetziat Mitzraim.

Let us keep in mind that Shmitah and Yovel starts in Tishrei, whereas the other events took place in Nissan. That is to say that Yehoshua led Am Yisrael in to Eretz Yisrael in Nissan, so the 7 years of conquering and division were counted from Nissan.

The parallel seems to be that the 7 years of conquering start between Nissan 5768 and Nissan 5769, akin to what is written here. No, I am not implying that there are 7 years of conquering and war that are about to erupt. The end of the 7 years of conquering and the beginning of 7 years of division aligns with 5775/5776, i.e. the Yovel, which is rather fitting as well.

I have made it in to a basic spreadsheet here.

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