Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Length of Galut Edom

We all know that there are 6000 years of human history.

In the post "Shiur Yemot HaMoshiach", I presented that the amount of time the Batei HaMikdash would stand (plus Matan Torah) is 1050 years, the period known as Gadlut of Zeir Anpin.

As a consequence of this, I proposed that the total time of Galut Edom is from 3830 - 5783, 1953 years. There is another way to arrive at this.

  • 6000 years total

There are two times in history when the Beit HaMikdash didn't stand that we are told of in the Tanach.

  1. 480 Years: Between Yetziat Mitzraim and Binyan Bayit Rishon (Melachim 2 - 6:1)
  2. 70 Years: Galut Bavel


  • 480 + 70 = 550
  • 6000 - 550 = 5450

Now if we take the 5450 and take away the 1953 that I have already proposed:

  • 5450 - 1953 = 3497

On the surface, this seems like nothing of significance. I would assert that this is related to Kol HaTor. As is known, there is significance to the number 999 in Kol HaTor, 499.5 on the left, and 499.5 on the right.

זכריה ג:ט - על אבן אחת שבעה עינים

Zecharyah 3:9 On one stone, 7 facets.

  • 499.5 * 7 = 3496.5

That is to say, if one takes the 6000 years, and subtracts this 499.5, one finds all years since Yetziat Mitzraim wherein the Beit HaMikdash is not standing. Remove from that known numbers, 480 and 70, and that is Galut Edom.

As a postscript: The ending of Galut Edom is not Jews leaving the Physical Galut in Edom, but rather us throwing off the yoke of Edom from our necks. We will already be out of the Physical Galut by then.


  1. That was the how (of the calculation).

    The question is this: why is the time of Ibbur plus Gadlut is equal to 499.5