Monday, July 21, 2008

The Honor of B'nei Yisrael

Parshat Matot teaches us an important lesson in very few words.

במדבר לא:ב - נקם נקמת-בני ישראל מאת המדינים

Bamidbar 31:2 - (Hashem tells Moshe:) Avenge the vengeance of B'nei Yisrael from the Midianites.

במדבר לא:ג - ... לתת נקמת-ה' במדין

Bamidbar 31:3 - ... to put the vengeance of Hashem upon the Midianites.

Hashem calls it the vengeance of B'nei Yisrael, Moshe calls it the vengeance of Hashem.

We must guard the honor of Am Yisrael and Hashem as if they are the same.


  1. But these pasukim are blunt weapons in the hands of some. Just ask our b'nei dodim, who at times seem to have taken only this from our tradition.


  2. The lesson here is not davka regarding nekamah or kana'ut. Nonetheless if people want to find backing for warped ideas, they will find it somewhere.

  3. Midyan is from the language of Madon and mariva, distinction and conflict - the opposite of chochma d'kedusha which is hiskallut - which is Moshe Rabeinu- Midyan is not one of the 7 nations or 7 midos that need elevated but rather the source for all negative midos , which ocurs when one creates conflict and seperation through making ones ego into a metzious versus ones fellow and then one finds reasons for sinos chinom and justifies it.