Friday, September 5, 2008

Chesed L'Avraham - Yovel

Lately this blog has been getting some extra traffic searching for the term Yovel (when is Yovel, etc), which I believe is stemming from 2 blog posts at Dreaming of Moshiach. Allow me to address these posts.

This post writes in the name of Chesed L'Avraham that the Geulah will be in the year of Yovel.

The actual text quoted is available online here. Here is the sentence in question:

ויהיה דור יובל דור גאולה וחירות
And it will be the Generation of the Yovel that is (to be the) Generation of Redemption and Freedom.

We can see from this that it is referring to the generation of the Yovel. What can this be? It would seem to me that this refers to the Yovel Cycle as being indicative of the generation. We are set to enter, in 7 years and 1 month, the 49th Yovel Cycle. During Galus, the 49th year is the year of Yovel, and this is the cycle in which the Geulah will occur in its time.

(For more on the subject of Yovel, click here to go to the Table of Contents.)

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