Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hoshea - Yehoshua

To continue from the last post:

There are exactly 3 times in the Torah where Yehoshua bin-Nun is referred to as Hoshea.  The 1st 2 instances are all in the beginning of Parshat Shlach Lecha (Bamidbar 13:8, 13:16).  The last instance is the 1st verse after Parshat Ha'azinu (Devarim 32:44).

According to the commentators on Shlach Lecha, Moshe called him Yehoshua is a prayer to save Yehoshua from the 10 spies.  Per the Kli Yakar on Devarim 32:44, Yehoshua no longer needed the extra letter on his name, for the entire generation of the spies had perished by that time, and therefore the protection was unnecessary.

In my humble opinion, this hints at the fact that the associated sins here will reach their tikkun by the year hinted at in that verse, at the latest 5796.

At that time:

  • Moshe and Yehoshua will be together.
  • Am Yisrael will be free of the sins against Yosef/Tzion (Mechirat Yosef, Chet HaMeraglim, and Chet Galut Bavel)
  • They will bring to Am Yisrael a new song.


  1. This Kli Yakar seems a bit Kasheh because Yehoshua is mentioned many times in Sefer Devarim, which was all said to the generation that would enter the Land. If the reference in Haazinu is to the future, that singles it out.

  2. 100%.

    I mention it because it relates it back to the drash on Shlach on ויקרא משה להושע יהושע. But also it is kasheh by the beginning, for he is called Yehoshua by B'Shalach.

  3. Maybe we can say that יהושע means יהיה הושע

  4. Perhaps the yud symbolizes something from the side of Chochmah, between the sin and its tikkun.