Monday, September 8, 2008

New Blog

I've moved my notes/comments/summaries from the Gemara to a new blog.  Anyone who was interested in reading these notes should visit the new site:


  1. Congradulations on your 2nd blog. (blog is gematria 41, blogs is gematria 101 (bet,lamed vav, gimel,samech) so B'derech halatza (half joking), I'd like to bless you, since I beleive we find in the Talmud that repeating one's study 40 times & 100 times was a common practice, while 41 & 101 is an extra effort, that your two blogs should bear extra good fruits. Also the difference betw. Bavli & Yerushalmi/Zohar is as follows, in Bavli the motto is Ta shema, madragas shmi'ah (to hear)while the Zohar motto is Ta Chazi, madragas Rie'yah (to see) which is a higher level (Yerushalmi is somewhere in betw. (there's only 7 or 8 time in bavli Ta Chazi (one is in Gitten 5th pereck when it describes the diff. betw. a jewish sinner & a non-jewish prophet, awesomely deep stuff)
    Let me just add quickly, since we just had Parshas Ri'ah (seeing)& ends off with the mitzva of Ri'eya at sholosh rigalim & in the middle it mentions a bird by the same letters of the name of the parsha & rash"i explains that this birds sees very much. there must be a connection here. I'd like to say that since the other theme which repeats itself again & again is Bechirah (16 times the parsha references the Har Habayit as "The place that Hashem will choose)this may imply that more important than the fact that it WAS chosen is the ACT of continuous choosing as you'll notice how all/most mitvos in this parsha stresses on the choice.
    I wish I'd have more time to correspond & to learn B'iyun Bavli/Yerushalmi along with you, all while trying to earn a living, maybe in the near future G-D willing.
    All the best

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I had heard the drash on the ta chazei before. We should be zocheh to find parnasah that let's us make the Torah keva.