Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zohar - VaYechi 212b

Come and see "And Yosef died (at the age of) 110 years".  Rebbi Shimon opened and said "Behold the maiden is pregnant and is giving birth to a son, and you shall call him Imanuel" (Yeshayah 7:14).  Pregnancy and birth that is filled for the exiles and great troubles and evil times, and even though it will be in these, the Queen is shaken and distanced from Her Husband, and She will be with us in Galut, (for) 110 years She was with us (as an) additional engraving, that is to say that it would pass from the Galut 110 years, and 290 they are 400 years.  And the Galut of Yaakov was only counted once Yosef died.  "And the days of the years of Yaakov's life were one hundred fourty seven, here is hte secret of the Galut in its count, fixed for the sons that are exiled, in Midat HaDin 3 exiles.  The first is of Mitzraim that is likened to 7 years.  Rebbi Chiya opened and said "I have imposed an oath upon you, daughters of Yerushalayim by gazelles or by the hinds, etc".

Rebbi Shimon said: from here "From a distance Hashem has appeared to me, and eternal love I have loved you" etc (Yirmiyahu 31).  Here is the secret in galut the decree that B'nei Yisrael will be allowed (in?) exiles, and that will want to say that the holy sons, who are exiled justly for their sins many years, it will be "7 like your sins" (Vayikra 26).  "For sevenfold will be put up for Kayin" (Breishit 4), in the first Galut of Mitzraim which is small.  The second, of the Shoftim, which is likened to 40 years, to 7 which are more numerous than it.

The 3rd exile that we are in is long, and is likened to 100 years to 40 years.  And that is what the Upper One revealed when he said "And from the time of the cessation of the Tamid and to the giving of the destolate abomination. (Daniel 12)"

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