Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Idea

Pardon me for the random thoughts.

In Zohar Chadash Maamar Mechirat Yosef we have that the punishment for Mechirat Yosef is 7 times the number of years that each brother caused Yosef not to see his father, giving us 7 * 22 * 10 = 1540 years.
As stated before, Galut Edom is 1953 years, which also divides evenly by 7, giving 279, which is the Gematria of ימי-טהרה, from Parshat Tazria.


  1. Random thoughts...this was wholly enjoyable and thought provoking - specifically because you did NOT lace it with interpretations and predictions urging readers to "repent or ye shall be condemned!"

    I guess that's the subtle difference between "chizuk" and "tochacha." Of course, each have their time and place.

  2. Daniel, that is an interesting topic which deserves expansion. B'kitzur:

    Those that try to scare people in to making Aliyah or doing Teshuvah are mainly in the line of false prophets, and then are rightly so argued with. Those that try to convince people about Aliyah being the right thing to do (regardless of halachic opinions) are simply ignored.



  3. 279 is 271 + 8. That is, 271 days of pregnancy until the birth of 5727. Then 8 days until the bris of Ateres HaYesod (and "u'mal Hashem es l'vavecha", perhaps) at 5783. Of course, Bris on the 8th day is also mentioned in the beginning of Tazria.

    Thank you for the "random thought."

  4. I like this idea, but allow me to state it differently:

    If the 8th day is 5783, then the day of birth is in 5734, 49 years prior. The day of birth is the first day of the brit milah count.

    What is it that is "born"? It would seem that if the count starts with Churban, it is related to the midrash saying that Moshiach is born on the day of the Churban (see Yerushalmi Brachot). It is growth towards Gadlut Bet, the return of the spiritual level of Har Sinai.

  5. If you have access to the new print of the Gra's commentary to the Heichalos with ha'aros from R' Y.I.Chaver, on page "keitz" R' Yitzchak Isaac Chaver seems to be discussing this very concept we are dealing with here. He points out that after the 7 yimei tuma'ah will come Moshiach and 33 yimei taharah. Based on the cheshbon above, day 33 starts in the year 6001.

    Also, the Messianic stirrings which occurred around 1530-40 might correspond to a yoledes l'shiva (7 month pregnancy) scenario which never materialized.

  6. I do have that edition, bli neder I will check that out soon. Thanks for the reference.

    The period around 5300 is very significant on the path to Geulah.

  7. I went over the section in question, but I'll have to review further. Not sure it is compatible with what I have written here.