Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Ketoret Doesn't Kill

In the fourth aliyah of Korach, it is told that Moshe told Aharon to go out amongst the people with the ketoret in order to atone for them.

Rashi brings a midrash there that basically goes as follows:
The people thought: Nadav and Avihu died because of ketoret, Korach and his congregation died because of ketoret. It would seem logical to state, from their perspective, that Ketoret kills. Moshe therefore used the ketoret to stop the plague in order to show that their troubles are due to sins, not the ketoret.
I believe the metaphor for today is as follows:
The Left has offerred up Eretz Yisrael to our enemies. As it continually blows up in their faces, they blame it on those that aren't under their spell: We didn't go far enough. We didn't behave properly. We treated them in a condescending manner. So we must therefore show them the fallacy of their ways: We demand that the Arabs recognize the state of Israel as the national home for the Jewish nation. If they are not willing to do this, then the entire process has been one big joke: One state of Palestine in which Jews will not be welcome, and another state *currently* with a Jewish majority, to which Israel must allow unlimited Arab immigration, leaving the Jews with no state west of the Jordan.
The peace process failed because it is against the will of the Creator, not because we weren't nice enough.