Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nesirah, Gadlut Bet, Ateret HaYesod

There is an amazing convergance of tikkunim that occur during the 7th Hour. The Back to Back status, mentioned in the last post, is when both sides are lacking completion. Both sides need to become a full partzuf of 10 sefirot. Z"A lacks only the Mochin (the first 3 sefirot), whereas Nukva (the Shechinah) lacks all sefirot but Keter.

The tikkun of Z"A comes via Yovel, but the addition of the Mochin is complete only in 5783, with the end of the Nesirah from that side. This is Gadlut Bet.
When the status of Face to Face is reached, Z"A provides the tikkun of the Nukva. The tikkun is to add the other 9 sefirot via the Sefirah of Yesod, namely Ateret HaYesod.
Therefore, when the status of Face to Face is reached, the tikkun of the Shechinah begins immediately.
The tikkun of Z"A manifests itself in a greater spiritual potential in Am Yisrael. The tikkun of the Shechinah is the return to Tzion.
A source from Pitchei Shearim:
פתחי שערים נתיב נוקבא דז"א פתח כ"ב
שבגלות שאין הזיווג גמור ואינו תדיר אז תיכף חוזרת אב"א וגם הטוב הנתקן בכל יום משתהא למעלה וקודם הגאולה בעת חבלי משיח, אז אתחשכת נוקבא וחוזרת נקודה אחת פב"פ כידוע תיכף אחר הנסירה. ואח"כ תתבנה פב"פ בסוד פרצוף גמור בזיוויג מתמיד

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