Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Fate is in Our Hands

In the Tenth hour of the Sixth Day, Adam haRishon sinned. But what does that mean?

I explained before that as part of the Nesirah, the Nukva is necessarily reduced to a single point, instead of being a full partzuf. This is a negative reality that must occur as part of Geulah in its time. When the Shechinah leaves Exile, this contraction is necessary. We can save ourselves by simply not being in the Lands of Exile. When the Shechinah is completely out of Exile, the process of being rebuilt back to a partzuf begins, via Ateret haYesod. From this point, theoretically, there is only advancement towards perfection.
As is brought in Pitchei Shearim, Netiv Nukva, chapter 28, the sin of Adam haRishon caused the Nukva to again return to this state of contraction.
To bring all of this material together:
At the completion of the Nesirah, the Shechinah will return to its place in Tzion, bringing the spiritual Beit haMikdash in to place (falling from heaven completely "built"), afterwhich time the physical Beit haMikdash can be built. At this time, the pain of Exile will be taken away, there are no further excuses: We must live up to our potential. Our test is relatively short, lasting only a few years. If we do not succeed, G-d forbid, then the troubles listed in the book of Daniel will play out. Namely, Daniel 7, the last two verses of Daniel 9, Daniel 11, and Daniel 12:1-2.


  1. Moshiach is Coming!

    In continuation of whatRav Kanievsky Shlitasaid about the coming redemption, that by next year Moshiach will be here and we will no longer be fasting 9 Av, HaRav Dov Kook Shlita said in Teveria in his weekly shiur to his students, "Do not leave the borders of Israel between 9 Av till Rosh HaShana because difficult things will occur in the world during this time."

    Harav Binyahu Shmueli Shlita said 2 weeks ago that within 80 days the redemption will begin.

    Harav Eliezer Berland Shlita told his Chassidim not to purchase flight tickets to Uman (ou tous les hassidims breslev pelerinent la tombe de rabbi nahmane de breslev à roch hachana) this year till further notice. He also said some hair-raising warnings about hostilities that could erupt in the world before Rosh Hashana.

  2. It will always be something else. Moshiach Now makes you feel good. My blog posts don't. I understand that.

    In a year's time, will you say any differently, or will you quote the next erroneous prediction?

  3. Actually Rav Berland bought his ticket today, so all bets are off.

    We may be headed for some rough times ahead, but as far as haShem to reveal the Mashiach, only haShem knows. We know nothing of when the geulah will actually happen. I quit holding my breath long ago.

  4. I think there is a typo in the post: listen must be listed.