Monday, February 1, 2010

On the order of the Brachot

Yerushalmi Brachot 17a

ר' אחא בשם ר' יהושע בן לוי אף מי שהתקין את התפילה הזאת על הסדר התקינה שלש ברכות ראשונות ושלש ברכות האחרונות שבחו של מקום והאמצעיות צרכן של בריות חננו דיעה חננתנו דעה רצה תשובתינו רצית תשובתינו סלח לנו סלחת לנו גאלינו גאלתנו רפא חליינו ריפית חליינו ברך שנותינו בירכת שנותינו קבצינו קיבצתנו שופטינו בצדק שפטתנו בצדק הכנע קמינו הכנעת קמינו צדקינו במשפט צידקתנו בנה ביתך ושמע עתירתינו ורצינו בתוכו לית צורכה שמע תפילתינו ובנה ביתך ורצינו בתוכו? אלא כמה דאישתעי קרייא כן אשתעייא מתניתא (ישעיהו כו) והביאותים אל הר קדשי ושימחתים בבית תפילתי.  א"ר ירמיה מאה ועשרים זקנים ומהם שמונים וכמה נביאים התקינו את התפילה הזאת.

Rebbi Acha in the name of Rebbi Yehoshua (says): Even those that set the prayer set it in order. Three first blessings, three closing blessings, praise of Hashem, and the middle (blessings) the needs of the creations.  Bestow upon us knowledge! (Now that) you have bestowed upon us knowledge, desire our repentance! (Now that) you have desired our repentance, forgive us! (Now that) you have forgiven us, redeem us! (Now that) you have redeemed us, heal our sickness! (Now that) you have healed our sickness, bless our years! (Now that) you have blessed our years, gather us in! (Now that) you have gathered us in, judge us with righteousness! (Now that) you have judged us with righteousness, subdue those that rise up against us! (Now that) you have subdued those that rise up against us, in justice make us righteous. (Now that) you have made us righteous in judgement, build Your house and hear our prayers and desire us within it!  Shouldn't it be "hear our prayers, build Your House and desire us within it"?  But rather as the verses describe it, so too does the Tanna.  "And I will bring them to My Holy Mountain and I will make them happy in My House of Prayer." (Yeshayah 26)  Rabbi Yirmiyah said 120 elders, among them some 80 prophets, formulated this prayer.
That is to say that simple logic dictates that the order of prayer should be different.  But we have a tradition from the prophets that states otherwise.  I wrote about this here.

וגם בשורות טובות: נולדה לי בת


  1. Hi. Mazal tov. I just started reading this blog today. Interesting, though I just don't follow all the calculations and quotes from various seforim. I was wondering, what does Rav Moshe Shternbuch say about Kol HaTor? I read that he doesn't agree with some of it, or something like that- I don't really read Hebrew, so I would appreciate some analysis of his criticism. Thanks. Sorry if you already posted about this.

  2. Rav Shternbauch's pulmus against Kol haTor is in Hebrew here:

    There are two main things to notice:

    1. Many of his arguments are against HaTekufah haGedolah (meaning he disagreed with the presentation/commentary of the text by Rav Menachem Kasher).
    2. His arguments of the text are basically raising the bar of the Keitz Meguleh out of the realm of attainability. He says that Kibbutz Galuyot of 600,000 Jews is davka tsaddikim. This raises the bar very high, and it is not written in the text. I have heard other chareidim say that the sprouting of Eretz Yisrael that we have is no where near that which is prophesied in Yehezkel.

    And to everyone, thanks for the mazal tov!

  3. There are major issues with the Hashkafa of Rav Sternbuch, the author of the following "analysis" of science: (english:

  4. See also this: