Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ki Tavo's Haftarah

The first verse of Ki Tavo's Haftarah is brought by the Ramchal in Maamar haGeulah as being a verse in the Tanach which mentions both the Pekidah and the Zechirah.

The first word, קומי, is directed at the Shechinah, which must arise from the dust of exile at the time of Pekidah. Why? Because soon the Shechinah will receive its light directly from Z"A, when the Nesirah is complete, and the Zechirah arrives.

But in the process, the darkness first will cover the world. The verse says the darkness will cover the nations. The implication being that Zion is our refuge.


  1. beautiful thankyou the holy of holies in kabbalah the ramchal. I believe zion is a refuge ? but ramchal speaks a lot too of gog umagog as he says above and below . ie they will be of lofty bearings and proud like pharoah. I believe this has to occur before geulah from the nations because the geulah copies egypt according to abir yaakov where they were smashed above and below then we left . as ramchal says and you hint the blood of impurity will get quite intense as we all are feeling it between the pekida and zechira zmanim . as ramchal says world and israel will revert to darkness after pekida , until the zechira.

  2. I believe zion is the refuge but like winning is harder on your opponents court Hashem will reddeem a body of israel from exile opininions vary from all the jews to 20 percent like in egypt . as for the pekida and zechira in pasuk 5771 this is intensely incredible . The pekidah and zechirah are the basis for geulah . secondely I believe prophecy has returned for it says the power of the sitra achra must be intense for prophecy to occur as theyre like a pengelum mimicking each other or reverse magnetic detraction .