Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yovel and Omer - Comparison

Each year of the Yovel, as well as each day of the Omer, we count, as early as we can. For counting towards the Yovel, it is at the beginning of Tishrei, and for the Omer it is right after evening prayers.

When looking at history as a Yovel of Yovels, as I mentioned before, it is different:
Each Yovel is really marked at the end, as opposed to the Omer, which is marked at the beginning.
As such, the action required on the part of Am Yisrael is essentially over at the beginning of the 49th day of the Omer, for the counting is done at the beginning of the day.
To carry that parallel through, the beginning of the 49th Yovel cycle, beginning in less than 7 years, is the end of the preparation to receive.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kol HaTor - Heavenly Help

Chapter 5, part 1, siman Gimel:

On the measure of help from heaven in a miraculous way in the steps of Moshiach: The help from heaven in general and in a miraculous way in particular comes measure for measure. In the measure that a person measures out, it is measured out for him in heaven, that is to say in the said measure that the act of a mitzvah is done by a person in action in a natural way, in this measure comes the help from heaven, level against level, on the principle of 499.5 from the left and 499.5 from the right according to our rabbi the GR"A in many places (and in particularly in his works Yahel Ohr Sod Barak haShachar). And if one would ask how is it possible to act going in to something, and more so to actively endanger oneself while depending on half natural and half miraculous, for we do not rely on a miracle going in to something. But the calculation is that the miraculous side goes up by many percentage points and on many sides, and in what is related to actions of the Footsteps of Moshiach, and more so on actions done by the community, the calculation is, per the explanation of the GR"A, that the miraculous help from heaven is greater than simply measure for measure, and sometimes the help from heaven goes up to a thousand times more. And the calculation is like this: The highest level of the Awakening from Below, in what is possible and also in what is required of the individual and the community, to arrive and to achieve in action, both per repairs, and also actions of salvation, is the level of 999 in Yesod (Likutei haGR"A), which is the "thousand rivers" (Zohar VaEra 2:27b), as is known, which is held up in the calculation and in the power of the 2 hosts, like the explanation of our rabbi the GR"A in many places, which are in Netzach and Hod, which are the "legs", "the legs standing as cypress", which are the 2 Moshiachs. The last level of Alef is completed by the small Alef of Zeir Anpin, in the secret of "the smallest one shall be for a thousand", which completes the number of 500 from here and 500 from there, which are in Netzach and Hod, which is in Vav and in Heh. According to this, behold in every level which is done by the left line, which is the attribute of din in a natural way, the right line immediately joins it, which is the attribute on chesed, in a miraculous way. And when the activity is done by the community, the individual merits of each person are added on, according to the root of the soul, from the middle line, the line of rachamim, on the entire nation. And all the more so when it is the work of Kibbutz Galuyot, about which it is said "with great Rachamim I will gather you". And when the last level of Awakening from Below is reached, which is 999 levels, which is the completion of 999 in Yesod, in the 3 worlds, and their completion by the small Alef, immediately is added upon them the Upper Shefa of the Great Alef of Arich Anpin, wherein every Alef is 1000 times from the lower Small Alef of Zeir Anpin, for it dwells in the Yud and Heh (as two friends that do not separate), and it is all in the Upper Shefa and in a miraculous way. As is known, the blessing of Hashem comes from the Shefa of the Great G-d, and that is the meaning of the verse: "He will add upon you like yourselves 1000 times and bless you" etc. Also from here is the calculation of "one shall pursue a thousand".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moshiach, Teshuvah, and Yovel

In Tikkunim Chadashim of the Ramchal, Tikkun 69, there is an amazing idea put forth.  It says that when Moshiach will be revealed, Moshiach himself will cause a Teshuvah in Am Yisrael by the words that he will speak to us (perhaps this is hinted at by Yosef speaking to his brothers at the end of sefer Breishit).  Teshuvah is from the side of Imma, which is also the side of Yovel.  Therefore it is logical that Moshiach is to be revealed during Yovel.  It says that Teshuvah will be aroused until HaKadosh Baruch Hu and the Shechinah are revealed.

The Tikkun itself seems to be talking of the time from 66 to 66 and a half time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Why 33?

A continuation of this post.

We are in day 33 of a count to 50 (of course we only reach 49, but that is another story).
It would seem to me that at 33, we are 66% of the way.  As the Zohar states in Parshat VaYera, 66 is related to Moshiach ben Yosef, and Moshiach ben Yosef reveals the secrets of Torah.
It also contains the exact 2/3 point, which hints at Ateret HaYesod, but we do not count partial days.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Idea

Pardon me for the random thoughts.

In Zohar Chadash Maamar Mechirat Yosef we have that the punishment for Mechirat Yosef is 7 times the number of years that each brother caused Yosef not to see his father, giving us 7 * 22 * 10 = 1540 years.
As stated before, Galut Edom is 1953 years, which also divides evenly by 7, giving 279, which is the Gematria of ימי-טהרה, from Parshat Tazria.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Redemption of Truth and Machzor HaGadol

At the beginning of Chapter 4 of Kol HaTor, we have the following:

א) תכלית הגאולה גאולת האמת וקדוש השם.  עפ"י דברי נביאינו ובאורי רבנו, תכלית עבודתנו בכלל, מלחמה בארמילוס ע"י קבוץ גלויות וישוב ארה"ק לשם גאולת האמת וקדוש השם, וזאת כוונת הנביא (ישעי' נ"ב) "גאל ירושלים" הנקראת עיר האמת. גאולת האמת יכולה להיות רק אחרי כל ביעור הקליפה של עשו הבא בצורת ארמילוס אשר כל שאיפתו היא שנאת האמת, וזהו עשו שונא ליעקב שהוא יסוד האמת, תתן אמת ליעקב, ותכלית גאולת האמת היא קדוש השם
A) The purpose of the Geulah is the Redemption of Truth and Sanctification of G-d's Name. According to the words of our prophets and the explanations of our rabbi, the purpose of our work in general is war against Armilus by way of Ingathering of the Exiles and settlement of the Holy Land in the name of Redemption of Truth and Sanctification of G-d's name, and that is the meaning of the prophet (Isaiah 52) "Redeemed Yerushalayim", that is called City of Truth.  The Redemption of Truth can be only after the burning of the klipah of Esav which comes in the form of Armilus, whose whole desire is the hating of truth, and that is "Esav hates Yaakov", which is the foundation of Truth, "Give truth to Yaakov", and the purpose of the Redemption of Truth is the Sanctification of G-d's Name...
It would seem to me that we are in the era of the fulfillment of this passage, and it is encapsulated by our current Machzor Gadol of 28 years.  The first half of the cycle (coinciding with the fall of the Klipah of the Left) will be the physical fulfillment of Redemption of Truth, the second half will be the "spiritual" side, if you would, the idea side, which can only truly commence after the Klipah itself is defeated.  As in all aspects of the Geulah, the physical side precedes the spiritual.  Redemption of Truth is crucial always, but its success depends on freedom from the servitude of the nations, which coincides with the beginning of Yemot HaMoshiach.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Online Book: Yovel & Geulah

For Shabbat BeHar / Yom Yerushalayim
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NEW: Hebrew version here.