Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yaakov and. Esav

Not much time to write.

According to the Chumash there are the following significant points in their lives.

15 - Selling of birthright
40 - Esav marries
63 - Yaakov takes blessings
77 - Yaakov arrives at Haran
84 - Yaakov marries
91 - Yosef is born
97 - Yaakov returns to Eretz Yisrael, meets Esav, purchases stake in Shchem
108 - Yosef is taken to Mitzrayim

Yaakov received prophecy when he reached Luz, as well is between 97 and 99 on multiple occasions.

It is interesting to look at if you take the following starting point.  Not fully developed, but see regarding Yosef.

Esav captured the land in 5678 and the same year declared it to be Yaakov's.