Monday, September 21, 2009

Return of the Shechina to Tzion

The order of prayer has the following:

  • Ingathering of Exiles
  • Rise of Sanhedrin
  • Building of Jerusalem (the Beit haMikdash)
  • Moshiach ben David
  • Return of the Shechina to Tzion
Why would the return of the Shechina to Tzion be last?  But rather, the return of the Shechina to Tzion is a cause for the building of the Beit haMikdash (see here).  To me, it appears that this is a hidden teaching implying the sin of Adam haRishon.
  • If we are worthy, and we do not repeat the sin, then the blessing there is the ancient blessing (which many people heard yesterday during Musaf): Blessed are You, Hashem, that only You we will serve in fear.
  • If we are not worthy, and the sin is repeated, G-d forbid, then the blessing here is the one that we use today: Blessed are You, Hashem, Who returns the Shechina to Tzion.
If the sin is repeated, only the Hand of G-d can repair the damage, which is different from the Nesirah, which is a sort of natural process.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moshe's Future Revelation

The following can be found in Tikkunei Zohar 51a:

ועוד בלבי דא ל"ב אלקי"ם דעובדא דבראשית, ועשר אמירן דאינון י' מן לבי, ולב האי איהו לב, דביה נהיר ההוא דאתמר ביה ותרא אותו כי טוב הוא, וביה עתיד לאתגליא קודשא בריך הוא למשה באורייתא בגלותא בתראה, כגוונא דפורקנא קדמאה, דאתמר ביה וירא מלאך ה' אליו בלבת אש, בקדמיתא בלבת אש דנבואה, ובגלותא בתראה בלבת אש דאורייתא:
... And also "in my heart" (hints at) 32 (occurances of the name) Elokim in Ma'aseh Breishit, and the 10 utterances, which are the yud from "my heart". And the heart, it is that heart, in which that one is enlightened, about which it is said "and she saw him, that he is good", and in the future, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will appear to Moshe in Torah in the Final Exile, like it was in the first exile. As it says "And the messenger of Hashem appeared to him in the flame of fire", then it was the flame of fire of prophecy, and in the final exile in the flame of fire of Torah.