Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The 1540 Mirror

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We learned in Zohar Chadash on Vayeshev that the Sinat Chinam at the end of the Second Temple period triggered the ancient hatred of Esav, and brought a punishment of 22 years for the years that Yosef couldn't see his father Yaakov, for each of the 10 tribes, multiplied by 7 as the verses say in parshat B'Chukotai, seven for your sins. The result is 1540 years.  The hatred of Esav was aroused in 3826, ending in 5366.

It would seem that there is a mirror that occurs at each ends.  The time from 3826 backwards to the building of the Temple in 3409 is 417 years.  Adding 417 years to 5366 gives us 5783.

Seven years after the building of the Second a temple commenced in 3409 was the first year for the renewed Yovel cycle.  Seven years prior to 5783 would be 5776.