Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make us Happy Like the Days You Afflicted Us

In Tehillim 90:15 we have the following:

 שמחנו כימות עניתנו שנות ראינו רעה
Make us happy like the days that You have afflicted us, the years we saw evil. 
The Ramchal wrote in Maamar haGeulah that this cannot be a one to one equation, for there aren't enough years left before the seventh millennium for us to enjoy in a state of Geulah as we have had suffering in Galut. Therefore, what it means is that the supernal light that we could have received during the years of Galut will be given to us when the redemption arrives.

I would like to propose the following.

After the Nesira is complete, Malchut is built from a single point in to a full partzuf by Z"A. The years in which Malchut is a full partzuf of ten sefirot count as ten times the amount as when Malchut is but a single sefirah.  Using this line of thought, we see that Malchut becomes a full partzuf towards the beginning of the eighth hour of the sixth day.

 The approximation works as follows:

(6001-yearX) * 10 = 70 years of Galut Bavel + (yearX - 3830)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

You Shall Give Redemption to the Land

This week's parsha tells us that we should give redemption to the land. Land is a metaphor for the Shechina. If we "lose" the Shechina, then we must go out of our way to "regain" it. This is teshuva. To get this done earlier, we must "pay" more, as the Yovel is far away. But as we get closer to the Yovel, we need not pay as much. But if even this we do not "pay", then the Geulah comes as a result of the Yovel itself. Geulah in its time.