Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The End of Galut is not the Start of the Geulah

This is a response to this post, which referred me to this PDF.

The GR"A states that using the knowledge that the Sixth Day progresses along the lines of the original Sixth Day, one can come to the conclusion as to when the Final Redemption will occur, if we are not worthy.

Yet the Zohar, and the GR"A's commentary thereof, seem to show that there is reason to believe that the GR"A said that the End of Exile would be at six and a half hours in to the Sixth Day, which is in the coming months.  How can we resolve such an obvious contradiction?  If one must analyze the sixth day to determine an exact year, not to mention the accompanying oath, why would it be so obvious elsewhere?

I believe the answer is that there are two matters that come together, as mentioned by the Ariza"l.  The end of the Galut starts at a certain point, the physical exile must be eliminated, but from the end of exile to the end of foreign influence is 11 years.