Thursday, March 6, 2008

More on 5 Opposing 5

In my last post, the issue of the 5 Yaakov's and the 5 Eliyah's was discussed, 5 on one side, 5 on another.

There is an example of this principle in Breishit.

  • Avram (אברם) in Gematria is 243
  • Sarai (שרי) in Gematria is 510
  • Total of the 2 together is 753

After they are renamed, we have these values.

  • Avraham (אברהם) in Gematria is 248
  • Sarah (שרה) in Gematria is 505
  • Total of the 2 together is 753

In order to make the family work, Sarah had to take her Yud (from Sarai), which is 10, and give half to Avraham, and keep half for herself.

There is an example of this principle in Shemot (and Devarim) with the Ten Commandments. Akin to the discussion of the 5 Vav's, we have imbalance here as well.

(The following is partially based on a drash attributed to the GR"A which can be found in Pninim miShulchan HaGR"A)

As I have written before, the Spiritual stems from the Right and the Physical from the Left. The Ten Commandments have 5 Commandments about the relationship between the Individual and Hashem, and 5 Commandments with the relationship between Individuals. The first 5 are the Right, the second 5 are the Left. Therefore, it would be proper for the first 5 to use the name Hashem exclusively, and the second 5 would use the name Elokim exclusively. But what we have is that the first 5 use both names, Hashem and Elokim, whereas the second 5 have no names of Hashem. The statement in the Tikunei Zohar is "The Left is included in the Right".

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