Monday, March 10, 2008

The Threefold System

קהלת ד:יב - ... והחוט המשולש, לא במהרה ינתק

Kohelet 4:12 - ... and the threefold cord is not quickly broken

The fourth chapter of Kol HaTor discusses a system made up of three parts:

  • The Appointed Action (יעודים)
  • The Appointed Time (מועדים)
  • The Appointed Person (מיועדים)

The basic idea is that we can learn what the appointed times are, as we have touched upon elsewhere in this blog. We can also learn what is to happen in these times. The appointed person must know, based on the gematrias of his name (see Kol HaTor chapter 3) that he is the one that must initiate action at the appointed times.

But that is not exactly what Kol HaTor says. It says that the Person initiates the Action, which brings forward the Time. I will now translate a paragraph from page 101 of Kol HaTor, in chapter 4.

And how is it that the Appointed Times (Moed) will become closer? It is easy to understand that we can move up the Actions, but how can we move up the Appointed Times, meaning date, the times of the Kitzim which are already set? That in the 6th millenium, about which it is said Moed, Moadim and a Half (Daniel 12), the sign for every Appointed Time according to its action, and the half to a half, and thus onward, for every action done in the Awakening from Below, Midat HaDin is assisted by Midat HaChesed from the Right, and explained elsewhere, we find that also every Appointed Time is cut in half the time, and that is the meaning of the verse "For the Appointed Time is coming", that is to say that we won't need to go to the Appointed Time but rather the Appointed Time will come to us after "Your servants have desired her rocks and they will cherish her dust", and it will be completed on the center line Midat HaRachamim, by way of the Middle Column, as said at the beginning of the verse "You will have mercy on Tzion" etc. And thus it is in the Midrash on the verse "And to Tzion will come the Redeemer", that the coming of the Redeemer is dependent on the building of Tzion.

קהלת ג:א - לכל זמן, ועת לכל חפץ תחת השמים

Kohelet 3:1 - For everything there is a time, and there is a season for every desire under the sun.

The season is dictated by our desire, which must be put in to action.

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