Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zohar Raya Mehemna Pinchas 249a

This Raya Mehemna seems to be written as a commentary on the Zohar.

The Faithful Shepherd said: At that time, the masters of wisdom, etc, until: and the snake shall pass from the world, as it is printed in Acharei Mot 67b, and afterwards throughout what is written by that.

If you want to say that at 70 she goes in to labor and after 2 years gives birth after 1200, according to the calculation of רע"ב, that is what is written "before she goes in to labor she gives birth" (Yeshayahu 66:7), and the secret of the matter is "and it will be before they call and I will answer, they are still [speaking and I will hear] (Yoma 61). But before, meaning before they complete. These 72 after 1200 are the pains of birth, in which the 2 Moshiach's are revealed to the world, and in that time "and in His Sanctuary all say glory" (Tehillim 29:9). And we've already established that the Wise inherit Glory.

And at that time the masters of Torah will be glorified, those that suffered some birth pains like a woman giving birth and were despied amongst the Amei HaAretz will be glorified and immediately "Hashem sat (on His throne) for the flood" for the wicked. There is no flood but judgements of flood, like when the wells of the deep and the gates of heaven opened on the day of the flood. Also here the judgements will be awakened against them above and below until there is no end and all the disgrace that the nations of the Aku"m did in the world did, for Hashem and His people (i.e. the judgements are done for the sake of Hashem and Israel). And how many insults did Israel suffer from them in the name of Hashem? For all of them HaKadosh Baruch Hu takes revenge and for that reason it is said that Hashem avenges and keeps his wrath for them.


Yahel Ohr of the GR"A on Raya Mehemna 249a

And if you want to say: It brings up a seeming problem that it says in Acharei Mot that the 72 years after the 1200 she will give birth 2 years for 2 Moshiachs after the birth pangs, but isn't it written "before she goes in to labor she gives birth"? That is to say that the pain and difficulty of the servitude and the calling out to Hashem from the troubles.

Yoma: It needs to say here "and what is before?" That is to say, how is this "before"?

But before: An explanation to this seeming difficulty. That is to say that "before" (of the verse) is talking about before the 72 years complete.



While the entire matter of 1200, etc, is about the Keitz B'Itah, and that from the side of strict judgement we should have to wait for these 72 years to be complete, in any event the Keitz is before 72. Guaranteed Achishenah even when the Keitz is B'Itah.


  1. Does it mean Moshiach comes before 72?

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