Monday, March 24, 2008

Zohar Raya Mehemna Pinchas 252a

And behold 60 after 1200, and the Holy Light said "all the souls of Beit Yaakov are 66", 60 for the awakening of the First Moshiach, and 6 for the Awakening of the Second Moshiach, leaving 6 years to 72, to fulfill in it "6 years plant your field and 6 years prune your vineyard, and you will gather in its crop", that is said "Holy is Israel to Hashem, the first of his crop". If thus, what is written above "rejoice, Yaakov (in) happiness". But rather there are 4 future Geulot to correspond to the 4 Cups of Pesach, and because Israel is dispersed to the 4 corners of the world and those that are far from the nations, the first is for "rejoice" (רנו), the 2nd at 60, the 3rd at 66, and the 4th at 72, and these Geulot are with the 4 Chayot in the name of Hashem that ride upon it. And that is what is written "for you ride on your horses, your chariots of salvation" that in parallel, the 4 flags and 12 tribes are awoken. In the secret of "Hashem ruled, Hashem is King, Hashem will rule forever and ever." There are 12 letters and they correspond to 12 tribes and 12 faces of 3 forefathers, that is said about him that the forefathers are the Merkavah. And these 10 tribes are 1000 years and 2 tribes are 200 years. And from the 12 letters hang the 72 names which are the 72 years after the 1200...

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