Monday, March 24, 2008

Zohar Shemot 2:9a - 2:10a

Rebbi Shimon said: Behold we have awoken to the secrets of the letters of the Holy Name in the hiding place of His Awakening towards his sons, but now I have to reveal something for which permission was not given to any other to reveal. Rather the merit of this generation will sustain the world until the coming of Melech HaMoshiach. Rebbi Shimon said to Rebbi Elazar his son and to Rebbi Abba: Stand in your place. Rebbi Elazar and Rebbi Abba stood. Rebbi Shimon cried again, and said: Oy, who can stand (after hearing) what I say, the Galus will last so long, who can suffer?

He also stood up and said "Oh Hashem our G-d, other masters have controlled us, but by you only do we mention Your Name" (Yeshayahu 26:13) This verse, we have stood it up. However in this verse there is a great secret in faith. Hashem our G-d, that is the beginning of the upper secrets, the place from which the lights all go out. There hangs the secret of faith. And this name controls everything.

"other masters have controlled us", that verily Am Yisrael doesn't have anyone to control it other than this Upper Name. And now in Galus the Sitra Achra controls them.

"But by you only do we mention Your Name" (לבד ב"ך נזכיר שמך) The secret of the Holy Name that is made of 22 letters, and Knesset Yisrael is not blessed except through this name called ב"ך, like you say "like you swore to them by you (בך)" (Shemot 32:13), "by you (בך) Israel will bless" (Breishit 48:20), "for by you (בך) I will run upon a troop" (Tehillim 18:30). And a time that the completeness is found, they do not separate from eachother. And it is forbidden to separate one from the other, a woman from her husband, not in thought and not in speech, in order to not show separation, and now in Galus there is separation, and from hardship of every time, we are making a separation, that someone mentions that name other than her husband, because she lies in the dirt, and that is "But by you only do we mention Your Name".

Other than her husband we mention this name in separation, because we are far from You and others control us, and your name is in separation from the name called ב"ך, and that is in times of Galus.

Because the first Galus was from the 1st Beit HaMikdash, and the 1st Beit HaMikdash was in the secret of the first ה, and against its 70 years, the Galus of Bayit Rishon was 70 years, and for those 70 years, the Imma wasn't found hovering over them, and it was in separation from the Upper Name, secret of the Upper ה. And then יו"ד, the upper secret, went up above without limit, and the Upper Holy Bayit Rishon did not flow out its flow of living waters, for its source had gone away.

And this is the 70 years in Galus, because it was called 7 years, like you say "And he built it 7 years" (Melachim 1 6:38). And if you will say that the kingdom of Bavel controlled above for 70 years, G-d forbid. Rather at the time that the Beit HaMikdash stood, the light and the flow of the upper Imma would light up and go down. And because Am Yisrael sinned, and the Beit HaMikdash was destroyed, the kingdom of Bavel was in control, and that light was covered and dark, and the lower holy ones could not give off light.

Due to the fact that the lower ones could not give off light because of the kingdom of Bavel, that light went away, and that upper spring that would give forth the secret of י, went up without limit. Then those 70 years wouldn't shine, because that light was held back, and that is definitely the 70 years.

Because the kingdom of Bavel was removed, and the lower ה began to give off light, not all of Am Yisrael returned to be purified to be a complete treasure as before, but rather little by little. And because there was no completeness, therefore the יו"ד, the Upper Flow, did not come down so much to give light as before, but rather little by little and mixed up, that they weren't pure like before like it needs to be. And therefore the Upper Flow didn't flow and didn't give light, but rather returned to give light little by little and from force.

And therefore many nations provoked Am Yisrael with many wars, until the darkness covered the land. And the lower ה darkened and fell to the ground, and the Upper Flow went away as before, because the kingdom of Edom strengthened and Am Yisrael returned to go away.

Due to the ה, Bayit Sheini was destroyed, and all these 12 tribes of her, like the count of their camps, they are in Galus of the kingdom of Edom. And the Upper Flow went away from that flow that stands upon her like you say "the righteous one is lost", lost that flow from its Upper Source that would draw out from above.

And because of this separation in the ה of Bayit Sheini, and he is in Galus Edom in all of those 12 tribes and their camps. And 12 tribes count up to a large calculation, and by the secret of the calculation of ה, the Galus continues.

Secret of Secrets is transmitted to the wise of heart. Ten tribes, 1000 years, two tribes, 200 years. The tears started to fall. He opened and said "You will surely cry at night and her tears are on her cheek." At the end of 12 tribes of Galus, night will darken for Yisrael, until the awakening of the וא"ו at the time of 66 years.

And after the 12 tribes which are 1200 years of Galus, and after 66 years of darkness of the night, "then I will remember my covenant with Yaakov". This is the awakening of the letter ו' which is the soul of Yaakov of Beit Yaakov. And this secret is (from) "All of the souls that come to Yaakov to Egypt, etc, are 66" and this is the ה' souls of Bayit Sheini, the secret of the lower ה . And this ה' is the secret of 66. There is 60 for the awakening of Yaakov and 6 for the awakening of Yosef. And therefore it is ו"ו, which are 2 in one connection and 1 secret.

From then onwards, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will awaken those miracles and wonders as we say, and he will awaken on Am Yisrael these troubles that we say, and then "and even my covenant with Yitzhak". And afterwards when Melech HaMoshiach will wage war in the whole world at the right hand of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, like you say "Your Right Hand, Hashem, is glorious in strength". And then "and even my covenant with Avraham I will remember" and then afterwards "and the land, I will remember", that is the final ה. At that time it is written "And Hashem will be for a king on all of the land, and on that day Hashem will be One and His Name will be One.

At the end of another 66 years, that together are 132 years, the letters of the Holy Name will be shown as complete above and below as is proper, and the secret of this is Heh-Heh upper and lower, and all these pathways which are the 32 years which are included in the secret of the letter Vav (הו"ה), the secret of completion of the 132, at the end another 132 years, the verse will be fulfilled "To hold on the corners of the earth, and the shake the wicked from it", and the Holy Land will be purified, and HaKadosh Baruch Hu will arouse the dead of the Holy Land and there will be legions and legions in the land of the Galil. And thus the will be awakened the stoppage of the flow of the upper letter Yud, and the 32 pathways will be sustained up against it below, and the letters of the Holy Name will be sustained in their places, (then it says Shem HaShem), that up until now it won't be complete, until that time that the upper flow will be brought down, in connections of the letters in the final Heh, and that will be at the end of the filling of 144 years afterwards which will be completed, and the remaining dead of Yisrael will be awoken in the rest of the lands, that is found that all of this is in the value of חי"ת, that the world will be settled and the world fragrant, and the Sitra Achra will be removed from the world, and the lower Heh will be filled with the flow from above, and will be crowned and enlightened completely, and thus it is written "And the light of the moon (will be) like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun 7 times greater" (Yeshayahu 30:26), until it will be Shabbat to Hashem, to harvest souls in holy joy, all of the 7th millenium, and that is the awakening of the holy souls of Am Yisrael, to be dressed after Shabbat in different holy bodies to be called holy, as it is written "And it will be what is left in Tzion and the remainder in Yerushalayim, Holy will be said to him" (Yeshayahu 4:3), up until here are words of closed secrets.


Please note that in this entire thing, Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai does not even mention the chance of Am Yisrael doing Teshuvah. He obviously knew that the gates of Teshuvah are open, as does his audience. Regardless, he provides a calculation for the length of Galus and when Moshiach will arrive. I will not delve in to that at present.


  1. Pick and choose the quotes you want and ignore the ones that give am yisroel hope , is this the way of Torah?

  2. Indeed this did not give much hope to someone living more than a thousand years ago, but right now we are at the end of this very count. We have passed 1200, and we have reached 65.

    Our hope should not be waiting without action, but knowing what we need to do, and doing it, seeing the big picture. Did the Malach give Daniel hope according to your interpretation?

  3. Understanding that history is unfolding as predicted by the prophets provides the greatest hope, true hope, hope based on Torah. Hope that transcends life. Hope such as rabbi Akiva had when he saw the Churban.