Sunday, April 6, 2008

Zohar Pinchas 3:230b


And because of this, Chayot of fire above speak like the branches of the tree, that they come together in the happiness of the bridegroom and the bride. And in what place? In Kriat Shma which there is "and I heard the voice of their wings" which are the 64 for 4 wings, 4 times 64 is 256, which is רנו ליעקב שמחה (Be glad, Yaakov, happiness) (Yirmiyahu 31). When? After he takes vengance on those that hate him and burn their gods, and that is what is written ובאבוד רשעים רנה (And in the destruction of the wicked, happiness) (Mishlei 11)

Yahel Ohr of the GR"A:

"Ronu", etc, until "When?": That is to say that the time of Ronu is a Keitz as is written in Tikkunei Zohar Chadash.

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