Thursday, May 1, 2008

Universalism - Watering Down Issues

Many tragedies, unfortunately, have befallen Am Yisrael from biblical times until present. G-d willing, these tragedies will end shortly.

This is a modern trend which obviously goes back further, wherein Jewish commemorations of tragedies turn in to universal lessons, ignoring the distinctly Jewish nature of these events.

Please read this short news blurb to see what I am referring to.

For example, Yetziat Mitzraim is not a universal anti-slavery message. This is explicit in the text itself. The plague of the first born was also for non-Jewish slaves (Shemot 11:5).

The Holocaust's main target was the Jews. Hitler (Yimach Shmo v'Zichro) had an obsession with Am Yisrael on the level of Haman haRasha. He lost the war due to his obsession with destroying Am Yisrael.

When we say "Never Again" or other similar expressions, we must mean that we are on guard against the enemies of Am Yisrael who want to destroy us. If we mean simply that we fight racism, we are missing the point.

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  1. Good Re'aya from Shemot 11:5.
    Unfortunately, your average liberal Jew won't agree with this message. Fighting racism, fascism, etc. is a good thing - but, as you said, that's not the point.

    Another classic example of this is Hannuka - where, the assimilationist Jews have one idea of what we were victorious over, whereas, we say we were victorious over the assimilationist Jews.