Friday, May 2, 2008

On Yom HaAtzmaut 5768

A few short words before Shabbat:

Next week we will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel.

It is important that in spite of the fact that this state does not yet represent what we have desired all these generations, we still come to thank Hashem for this gift, for this Geulah.

This year holds much potential which will not be realized easily. So at this time, before the day arrives, let us all reflect on what happened in 5708, the year the State of Israel was born, when the "holy (nation) was (declared) righteous" (Daniel 814).

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  1. We must certainly Thank Hashem for all big & small things that we experience both on a individual & national level.

    Still just like Malchus Shaul (Rochel>Yosef) which certainly was a major step in our history (he virtually wiped out amaleik, raised the economic standards) which we must Praise Hashem for, still when his time came,it actually held back malchus bais dovid & ultimately binyan bais hamikdash. all this despite how painful this was to shmuel & and despite the greatness of saul (bli chait) as attested by none other than david himself (in his hesped eich noflu giborim)

    Therefor I conclude (hopefully logically)that even if our state is on par with malchus shaul (which I'm not willing to swear is not so) there may be ample precedence for the possibility for a different kind of era, & remember that we not just talking about a minor ceo change, it was quite a painful changeover of trying to kill david (ben yishai chai, lo sikon ata umalchusechu.

    nevertheless this doesn't have to take away any significants & prestige & certainly hakoras hatov to Hashem for medinat yisrael & malchus shaul.

    So let's really thank G-D for our full past & present but not to forget what we are still yearning for another three things (Hoshea 3, 5)

    there's still comments I have regarding the GRA & binyan hamikdash, but alas Shabat is coming........

    Shabat Shalom