Monday, June 16, 2008

Between Here & There - Binyan Yerushalayim

The Building of Yerushalayim

1. What is the final goal?

The final goal is the 3rd Beit HaMikdash, resumption of the service therein.

2. Where are we in this process?

We are at a fairly advanced stage of the physical building of Yerushalayim. The city is, thank G-d, full of Jewish residents. There are many problems with this real-world city, but there is no comparison to the city that stood here 200 years ago.

3. What steps can we take now to move us in the right direction?

Those that came before us built Yerushalayim with wisdom. They started out small and unassuming, building the Churvah synagogue. Now, we must focus our wisdom also on the actual Avodah. Who among us knows the laws of Avodat HaMikdash, Tumah and Tahorah? Let us all take the Chafetz Chaim's words seriously and learn what needs to be done when the day arrives. Further, study needs to be done regarding the location of the Beit HaMikdash, and in to understanding the words of Yehezkel regarding the Beit HaMikdash. Also we have the vision of Chazal that Yerushalayim will continue its outward spread to the sea. Let the building continue!

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