Monday, June 16, 2008

Between Here & There - The Sanhedrin

The next goal to consider is the Sanhedrin.

The Sanhedrin - השיבה שפטינו

1. What is the final goal?

The Sanhedrin will assume its full role as the supreme authority in Torah, making the Torah relevant to all aspects of daily life on both the personal and national levels.

1. Where are we in this process?

There is a foundation, in the "nascent" Sanhedrin that formed in early 5765. However, it does not have practical power, as the nation has not chosen this Sanhedrin as its authority. Many, if not most of the religious sector does not recognize the validity of attempting to form a Sanhedrin at this time. Furthermore, the current leadership of governmental institutions (legistlative, executive, and judicial) are obviously at odds with moving towards this goal.

3. What steps can we take now to move us in the right direction?

  • The Sanhedrin is laying the groundwork, moving cautiously in its work.
  • The public at large is not in a position to accept the Sanhedrin upon it, nor is it compatible with the current governing situation, as I mentioned. I believe a possible resolution is a political party that brings these issues to the forefront. It is very important that such a party not be extreme, pushing to achieve the final goal on the first day. Let the goal be known, but let the action be by way of small steps. Let the nation see Torah-inspired laws that inspire them to ask for more. Let us support any such initiatives.
  • On a person-to-person level, it is important to stress to others the solid basis for having the Sanhedrin before the Moshiach arrives, per the order of the Shmoneh Esreh, as brough in the Talmud Yerushalmi and Bavli.


  1. The Sanhedrin will not be accepted by the mashiakh. Only a Sanhedrin who has cleaned up what we call Judaism will be accepted. If we where to sacrifice the red cow, we would not worry about this group today.

  2. Where do you get this? Both Moshiach and the Sanhedrin are processes. The Sanhedrin cannot cause a revolution until they have power.

    And we do not sacrifice any red cows. Sacrifices are only done in the Temple Mount.