Monday, June 30, 2008

To Stop Chillul Hashem

Today, the enemies of Israel know that they were right. In order to free murderers, the sons of Yishmael need but kidnap our brothers and attack us with onslaught after onslaught of violence.

Our possession of military might does not prevent violence from our enemies. That is because they do not believe that we will use it effectively against them.

The tikkun for this state of affairs is fairly drastic, yet at the same time it is fairly basic.

  • The Honor of Am Yisrael, in that it represents the Honor of Hashem in this world, must be held high in the eyes of our enemies. In the way that our enemy is evil, straightforward, and honest, we must be righteous, straightforward, and honest. Our threats must be backed up. Empty threats like those disposed 2 years ago by our politicians helped create this problem.
  • For the sake of justice, the death penalty is a must. A terrorist who receives a life sentence in an Israeli court today need only be patient. The next prisoner swap or "peace-making gesture" is around the corner. This must end. Of course death penalty does not fit every crime. Other options exist for these cases, such as deportation.
  • End the concept of temporarily conquering land. We are not their parents putting them in time out until they learn how to behave. If they drove us to move in militarily, the land is now liberated.
  • Midah K'neged Midah - They don't want us here. Attacks on Am Yisrael should be answered (of course after being answered militarily) with the mitzvah of Yishuv HaAretz.

The above does not come in a vacuum, rather it is the result of a necessary internal change in the overall attitude of Am Yisrael. May Hashem help us to move towards this change.


  1. True, what you write is fairly basic, perhaps a bit drastic, & probably over 80% of loyal citizens agree with all you wrote, yet the only practicle course of action is Yeshuv Ha'aretz, the rest of it, you leave to our imagination (How to affectively control government policies)

    writing to you from deep in the land of Judea

  2. Moshe Gavriel,

    Well the issue is that the biggest Chillul Hashem emanates from the top, due to its influence and visibility to the outside world. So the tikkun is mainly there. The necessary tikkunim of Am Yisrael needed to get that in place are more "under the hood", so to speak.