Saturday, July 5, 2008

Explanation of Ateret HaYesod

A few more hints.

The Zohar in Parshat VaYera 119 mentions, in regards to its counting for events related to the Geulah, that there are 100 years total.

These 100 years are not linear or consecutive years. They are the years during the 6th millenium of Yesod mentioned in Kabbalah; the Geulah is connected to Yesod. The overall Sefirah of Yesod is divided in 2:

  • Yesod: 0% - 66.66%
  • Ateret HaYesod: 66.66% - 100%

If the 100 years are divided like this, the 66 and a half mentioned in the Zohar is the switching point between Yesod and Ateret HaYesod.

A half "time" mentioned in the Zohar is 6 years and 6 months long.

Results of this counting gives us:

  • The Year 66 begins in 5776 (also the 66th Yovel year from the time of Yehoshua)
  • The Year 67 begins in 5777

Therefore the time of 66 and a half is in the year 5783.

  • Yesod is from year 1 until year 66 and a half.
  • Ateret HaYesod is from 66 and a half until 100.

So the period of Yesod ends completely in the year 5783, but the period of Ateret HaYesod starts in the end of 5777, this gives us an overlap of a bit over 5 years, wherein Yesod and Ateret HaYesod are mixed.