Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Was Having Lunch

I was having lunch with my family in downtown Yerushalayim at one of the few fast food joints with a good hechsher, and then the sirens began.

First an ambulance.

Then a police van.

Then a Hatzoloh motorcycle.

Then an army truck.

And another ambulance.

Another Hatzoloh motorcycle.

A police officer is directing cars towards downtown, no westbound traffic is allowed.

One Chillul Hashem begets another. May Hashem help us to finally sanctify His name as is proper.

Hashgachah Pratit:

We were originally going to go to a fancy fish restaurant (by Gan Sacker) for lunch to use a gift certificate that we have; the closest bus stop to that is basically where the attack took place. I decided that it was too inconvenient.


One of my friends tells me that the bus that was overturned was one of the 2 buses that runs from my neighborhood.

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  1. Hashem Yikom Damam.

    They should use the same bulldozer to bulldoze his home.