Monday, July 14, 2008

On the Calculation: Yovel and Shmitah Together

A calculation is mentioned here in the Zohar Chadash. Here is the translation that I made:

At the time of the End of Days, according to the hour of the day, at the time that the sun shines, from the 6th Day, at the time that is ready according to the count of years, of Yovel and Shmitah together, which is רע"ד (Raa'd, 274 in Gematria) from the 6th Day. At that time a single voice is prepared to awaken at the heights of the upper heavens, a sad and bitter voice, such that hasn't been since the day that the world was created.
There are multiple elements to this.
  • This is during the 6th millenium (the 6th day)
  • It is during the time that the sun shines
  • Shmitah and Yovel will intersect
  • It is רע"ד from the 6th Day

I have shown that the 47th Yovel from the time of Ezra was the year 5727. I have stated, without providing an explanation, that Shmitah was also in the year 5727, hinting that one who wants to learn more should look at Zohar Parshat Behar.

The Zohar also confirms the calculation.

What I haven't explained is why it says:

... according to the hour of the day, at the time that the sun shines ...

This seems to be hinting at the counting of the hours of the 6th day as 24 hours, where 5000-5500 is the 12 hours of "night" and 5500-6000 is the 12 hours of "day". This seems to be a confirmation of the validity of the system used in Kol HaTor, which is in contrast to the system used in Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer that we are to divide 1000 by 12 hours alone.

This statement is necessary, for there is one other instance in the 6th millenium that Shmitah and Yovel intersect during the "night", 10 Yovels prior. Of course this instance doesn't fulfill the "confirmation" statement that it is 274 from the 6th millenium.


  1. In my system, 5727 is at the brink of Zericha, which is 5729....

  2. I saw that, interesting chiddush.

  3. Nonetheless, the pshat from the Gemara seems to be like the GR"A, not Magen Avraham.

  4. It is ok. I always try to realize that I do not want to argue with the GR"A. I tried to subtly combine the Shitot, defining 60 minutes in terms of the GR"A.

  5. Were there other chishuvim you had for 5769 when you wrote the original post other than 66.5?

    Also, a reader emailed in a very nice chiddush on 5769/5783 that I hope to have up soon. It is written, but awaiting a reply to how he would like to be credited.

  6. החידוש בלי הסבר הוא לקחת שנת לידת דוד המלך, שנת התחלת מלכותו בחברון ושנת העברתה לירושלים, הכל לפי מנין מדרש סדר עולם רבא.

    עכשיו - תכפיל כל השנים שמצאת

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  9. I suggested once to someone who was doubling these numbers to simply add 2900 to all numbers.

  10. This has interesting facets, the period in Chevron, the kesher with zechut Avot, also that 5776 is halfway through these 15 years.

  11. I know you are less bothered by this than I am, but consider:

    5769 to 5783 is a crossover period because 66.5 is reached on both sides, it is a time of transition of that level from the left to the right.

    That would seem to say that between 60 on the left to the right as well would have a similar status, from 5723 to 5729. This would contain 5727 and the fear of annihilation that came before.