Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 3 Wars of Gog uMagog

As I quoted from the Ramchal, there are 3 times that Gog rises against Yerushalayim. These wars should not be seen as singular events, but rather they are processes like the entire Geulah.

I word put forth that the general identity of Gog is as follows:
  • 1st War - Amalek
  • 2nd War - Edom
  • 3rd War - Yishmael

Furthermore, I would put forth that this is hinted at in a well-known verse in Vayikra:

ויקרא כו:מב - וזכרתי את בריתי יעקוב, ואף את בריתי יצחק ואף את בריתי אברהם אזכור, והארץ אזכור

Vayikra 26:42 - And I will remember my covenant with Yaakov, and even my covenant with Yitzchak, and even my covenant with Avraham I will remember, and I will remember the land.

There are 3 progressive levels that Am Yisrael must develop, Yaakov, Yitzchak, and Avraham. Against each comes a different aspect of Gog. Their fall brings us to the completion of that level.

This implies the idea of the verse in Yirmiyahu:

ירמיהו ל:ז - הוי כי גדול היום ההוא, מאין כמהו, ועת צרה היא ליעקב וממנה יושע

Yirmiyahu 30:7 - Oy, for that day is great, there is none like it, and it is a time of trouble for Yaakov, and from it, he will be saved.

Kol HaTor interprets this in chapter 1 that specifically from within the trouble comes the salvation.

When the time of trouble for each of the Klipot comes upon us, we are saved in the zechut of the forefather that opposes that Klipah.

It is a picture with many details, but you can piece this together from other places, namely here and here.


  1. I think we merited that the king of Arad will be the third Gog.

  2. you think the entire gezeirah is cancelled, or that it starts then? what is the zechut?

  3. On the one hand, the story of Gog is that Gog is the negative that parallels each of the 3 rises of Am Yisrael, the story of the 60 years in the 6th millenium. On the other hand, from what we've learned, the King of Arad is from the same side as Dor HaMidbar's Amalek.