Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Beginning of the War

The following is part of Kol HaTor chapter 2, part 1, number 131:

And it is a major principle that all suffering and all pain that Israel suffers from the nations of the world, in general and in particular, and all the more so in the work of Kibbutz Galuyot, these (sufferings and pain) decrease the suffering of the War of Gug uMagog (whose opening was in the year "Efraim my firstborn" [which refers to the year 5569], as is known)

It seems to be saying here that the War of Gog uMagog started 199 years ago.

If the sod of 60 is taken to the Left, but this time really until 60 instead of 59, see the resultant second and third opening of the War. HaMevin Yavin.


  1. The Zechut is in the suffering.
    You are counting Din as Chesed since Efraim my firstborn?

  2. I can understand that regarding the yissurim, but how can we measure that?

    I am saying take the full count of din to 60 3 times. at current we have chesed to 59 3 times. I understand your svara regarding din being to 59 as well, but nonetheless line it up as 3 counts to 60, then look at the step which is Efraim Bechori in the first iteration. Interesting, but not sure if it is significant.

  3. Maybe they had a Sevara that Gog and Magog starts a few years before the third tikkun?

  4. Well, keep in mind what is written here:

    Each of the 7 has 7 levels and those have 7 sublevels.

    Not sure if those are 250 / 343 per level.